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Set consists of a Top and matching Culottes.

The prints on Okra Sweet Pea is a Juneoesque commissioned exclusive inhouse design. Due to cut of fabric, placement of prints will differ for every piece.

Top size 3 Measurement:
shoulder: 50cm - 70cm
pit to pit: 58cm - 62cm (fits bust 116cm - 124cm)
waist: 52cm - 55cm (fits waist 104cm - 110cm)
length: 60cm

Pants size 3 Measurements:
waist: 35cm - 45cm (fits waist 70cm - 90cm)
hip: 57cm - 60cm (fits hip 114cm - 120cm)
length: 85cm

Top size 4 Measurement:
shoulder: 53cm - 75cm
pit to pit: 62cm - 66cm (fits bust 124cm - 132cm)
waist: 60cm - 63cm (fits waist 120cm - 126cm)
length: 64cm

Pants size 4 Measurements:
waist: 40cm - 50cm (fits waist 80cm - 100cm)
hip: 60cm - 63cm (fits hip 120cm - 126cm)
length: 87cm

Top size 5 Measurement:
shoulder: 55cm - 77cm
pit to pit: 65cm - 69cm ( fits bust 130cm - 138cm)
waist: 63cm - 66cm (fits waist 126cm - 132cm)
length: 66cm

Pants size 5 Measurements:
waist: 43cm - 53cm (fits waist 86cm - 106cm)
hip: 63cm - 66cm (fits hip 126cm - 132cm)
length: 88cm

Top size 6 Measurement:
shoulder: 60cm - 85cm
pit to pit: 70cm - 74cm (fits bust 140cm - 148cm)
waist : 65cm - 68cm ( fits waist 130cm - 136cm)
length: 70cm 

Pants size 6 Measurement:
waist: 48cm - 58cm (fits waist  96cm - 116cm)
hip: 67cm - 70cm (fits hip 134cm - 140cm)
length: 90cm

Top Size 7 Measurement:
shoulder: 63cm - 88cm 
pit to pit: 74cm - 77cm (fits bust 148cm - 154cm)
waist: 70cm - 73cm (fits waist 140cm - 146cm)
length: 70cm

Pants size 7 Measurement:
waist: 50cm - 75cm ( fits waist 100cm - 150cm)
hip: 72cm - 75cm (fits hip 144cm - 150cm
length: 95cm

Shi Qing stands 168cm and is a UK18. She is wearing size 5.
Bust: 120cm
Waist: 116cm
Hips: 128cm